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Downtown Augusta has lots of little hidden gems, just waiting for you to stumble up on them. Tire City Potters, is one such gem!  Situated in an old garage, this pottery studio is a lot more than meets the eye.  If you’re enjoying a First Friday downtown or strolling down 10th Street after a delicious meal at the Rooster’s Beak or Bee’s Knees you might find yourself wandering into Tire City.

When the large garage doors are open, the studio is quite inviting.  Earlier this week, I was enjoying Taco Tuesday at the Rooster’s Beak across the street. Since the weather was so nice we sat outside while we ate and watched the crowd at the pottery studio.  Our out of town guests were quite curious, so after supper we decided to pop in and see what we could find.

These skull and crossbones mugs would make a perfect gift for even the most macho coffee aficionado!

There is quite a wide variety of pottery from vases and platters, to business card holders and tea kettles.

My favorite were these tiny pinch pots!  I bought a few for Christmas gifts, as they would be perfect finger bowls, salt keepers, or jewelry holders!

If you are downtown and the lights are on, stop by and check out Tire City, you might just find something amazing!

Tire City Potters
210 B 10th Street
Augusta, GA 30901
(706) 294-3871


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I have lived in the Augusta area for the majority of my life and have just recently discovered some of our secret shopping treasures!  A couple of months ago, on a slow Sunday afternoon my husband decided to check out the Riverfront Antique Mall. What a treat!  As far as antique malls go, this place is ranked pretty high in my book. It is located indoors, which means you can enjoy it year-round, even during a hot and humid southern summer.  There are all sorts of different vendors, so the antique mall is organized by vendors. Most vendors have one ‘booth’ but some are large enough for two or three.  The best part is the variety.  You can find almost anything inside, from vintage clothes and handbags to books, music and furniture.  I am a collector of carnival glass and have been able to add to my collection with several different great finds here, like his blue compote. It works great as a fruit bowl, too!

We also found a booth with all sorts of Masters souvenirs and Augusta memorabilia. Since these items are only available once a year during the tournament, you can find them in antique stores around town.

The Riverfront Antique Mall even has a little cafe inside serving sandwiches and snacks.  This was a treat for me, since we ended up spending almost 3 hours here on our first visit!

One of my other favorite spots to visit is the Barnyard Flea Market in South Augusta. They have everything under the sun, from produce and plants to antiques and car parts.

The Barnyard is an open air market and also has several different spots for snacks too, in case you get the munchies while you’re wandering around on the search for a bargain. I’m usually on the lookout for another piece of carnival glass, but last time we were out there I found some lovely little tomato plants for my garden, for only $1 each.  You never can tell what you might find just around the corner!

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Just wanted to write a quick note about a lovely lunch today in Augusta. I went to the French Market Grille in Surrey Center. This is a great place for a Cajun meal. I did not sit at the raw bar today. I ordered the She Crab Soup and the Jambalaya. Fantastic! Not too heavy but a three course meal – including salad. Very filling and relaxing – as you can guess no kids today although this is a kid-friendly restaurant. Of course, they offered the famous peanut butter pie for dessert but knew that would put me over the edge and a nap would be required. And there was no napping, since I was heading next door to do a little shopping next. Talbots, the Toy Box, and the Estate Jewelry Center were all on my list. Julie at the Toy Box always has the best gifts for my boys and Joel at the Estate Jewelry Center always has the best gifts for me!

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I have to admit, I had never been to Augusta’s Saturday Market before. I decided I was going to go on the first Saturday it was open. I was pleasantly surprised by how many people showed up to support our local growers and artists! There were lots of vendors selling all sorts of stuff; vegetables, fruits, bread, purses, handmade jewelry, art, and plants. There were lots of families there; it seemed to be a very kid friendly event. Even dogs got to join in the fun!

The Saturday Market is open Saturdays through October from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. For more information visit www.theaugustamarket.com.

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Talk about having a good time dressing up! If you need costumes for any occasion you should visit Costumes By Michelle, located at 1125 Broad Street. This is a wonderful place to experience history through costumes.  Michele is not only a wonderful designer, but she is a historian in her own right with a multitude of period costumes. 

My daughter has an upcoming historic presentation at school. There are two third grade classes at her school, and each class will be putting on an exhibition of famous Americans during the 1800’s. Each child will be dressed as a character from this era. My daughter Kaitlin has chosen Mary Todd Lincoln who was the wife of the 16th President, Abraham Lincoln.

This is where Michele’s expertise came in to play.  She assisted my daughter in finding the appropriate costume to wear.  The costume that she will be wearing is a beautiful rose colored chiffon cream lace dress with a Victorian neckline. Accompanying the dress will be two gorgeous crinoline slips that will accentuate the fullness of the dress.  Her hat will match the dress with a big feather and lace, with a ribbon that ties under her chin with a big bow.  She will also carry a cream lace hand held fan for cooling herself as she models and explains who Mary Todd Lincoln was as a famous American.

Michele also proved her professionalism by amusing my 4 year old Lauren who was determined to try on every costume in the store.  She is a true professional with an enormous amount of patience with her clients, young and old. The entire process of finding a costume was a joyous experience.

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I like to breathe the fresh outdoor air when I shop! If you do to then maybe you should check out the Barnyard Flea Market out on Doug Barnard Parkway.

On Saturday morning I called my mother to go shopping at the Flea Market. This is one of our favorite things to do. I was looking for a plant stand and just knew I could find one out there. In case you are thinking its all junk or used stuff, think again! There’s lots of new stuff like furniture, appliances and clothes and some of the vendors even have lay away plans. We walked through rows A – L. I looked at DVD’s, jewelry, books and throw rugs. I bought one of those Shoes Under Organizers they advertise on TV for only $4! I got Shea Butter, apples and socks for my son. Also, don’t forget to get your boiled peanuts and fresh lemonade!

It was a Saturday well spent. Since it was a beautiful day it was a perfect day for people watching also. Oh, when I got home I remembered I was looking for a plant stand and didn’t come home with one. That only gives me an excuse to go back out there in the very near future! Happy Shopping.

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My family was in town from Florida and New Jersey for the weekend. So what do you do? Downtown Shopping!!! We enjoyed the afternoon on Broad Street in downtown Augusta shopping. Although none of us need furniture, we could not resist Merry’s Trash and Treasures. Almost a whole city block full of furniture – some antiques and some brand new. Plus one really big chair on the sidewalk – pictured with the kids.

 Next we made it down to Art on Broad after a block of window shopping. We checked out the artwork, pottery and sculpture. My sister bought a few small glass pieces to take back to Jersey. I need to go back and pick up a lovely ceramic olive oil container and drop off a picture to be framed. They do great framing. The owners, Kristen and Jim, also got an earful from my family. It’s always fun to shop and talk.

We ended the journey at New Moon Café for a coffee for the adults and grape juice for the kids. I also think I will make a return trip next week for the Basil Tomato soup – the board said it would be the soup of the day on Friday. Yum.

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